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Devon Christmas Elves - Donations

Our 2021 campaign is now closed.

We do, however, accept financial donations all year as we apply it to next year’s campaign.

Donating on-line is easy and an instant tax receipt is provided. Please visit Canadahelps 

If you donated in the traditional way either through mail or by giving it to one of our Elves, your receipt will be mailed to you by our treasurer by the end of February.

Please be patient as our treasurer is a full time accountant.

If the financial donations exceed the requirements of fulfilling hampers, the money is held for the following year.

As per the government guidelines for non-profit societies, if the Association has excess funds and more than we predict we will need, the money is donated back to the community.

Devon churches, schools and the youth group are provided gift cards to be used throughout the year.

This is not always the case, and we always make sure to have enough for the following year.

Thank you for your generous support of the Devon Christmas Elves.

Thanks to the community and your generous help we were able to provide 70 families in Devon with a Christmas in 2021!